CTTBD Research and Development

Research and Development

At a working group meeting held in 2000, it was recognized by member countries that throughout the region there are a number of topics in the field of animal health particularly ticks and tick-borne diseases that need to be researched on.The CTTBD was mandated to seek collaborative work with reputable institutions pursuing various research topics particularly in the field of vector-borne diseases. The CTTBD has had collaborations with

  • . Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) -Belgium
  • . Pfizer
  • . Intervet
  • . University of Pretoria
  • . Ondersterpoort Veterinary Institute(OVI)
  • . Ondersterpoort Biological Products (OBP)
  • . University of Zambia (UNZA)
  • . Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)
  • . University of Malawi (Bunda College of Agriculture)
  • . Karolinska Institute in Sweden
  • . University of Verona in Italy
  • . Texas A&M university in the United States
  • . Various government laboratories in the SADC region.